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Yoga & Deep Stretch Classes with ME Yoga

Wolf Fitness SA has been actively forming partnerships with trusted health allies whose mindset, work ethic, and customer focus align with ours. This year, we've made some fantastic new connections, one of which is Move Evolve Yoga, or ME Yoga for short.

ME Yoga has generously offered Wolf Fitness SA customers a 10% discount on their single yoga class bookings. Reach out to Mark to obtain the discount details.

We're also thrilled to announce that Toni from ME Yoga will be leading Yoga & Deep Stretch classes at the Wolf Fitness SA studio once every four weeks, starting Saturday, May 4th, at 11:30 am. (Lightsabers allowed on May the Fourth 😉)

Here's what you can expect from these classes from Toni herself...

"This class will bring balance to your body by increasing mobility and flexibility in a passive way. The idea is to relax as much as possible to gain the greatest benefits.

I have been practising this style of stretching for 4 months now and have felt a HUGE change in my own body. Before I started, I was so stiff and sore, I literally couldn’t even turn over in bed. I also had what felt like tennis elbow from Crossfit. I had no mobility and I felt like this was the new norm. It was strange because I teach Yoga and have flexibility in areas most people don’t. I tried physio, chiro, massage & rolly ball release, but none of these old tools worked for me any more. I thought I had an unfixable problem.

In December 2023 though I did a "Science of Stretching" Yoga Teacher Training course. As part of my studies I practiced what I learned every day for 2 weeks and I kid you not, the elbow & lower back issues no longer existed. In fact, I can barely remember these body issues that were plaguing me daily.

To understand how it helps, the Deep Stretch exercise lengthens the fascia around the muscles and restores it back to its natural length. The fascia is full of blood vessels and so when it is tight, it becomes sore and stiff. Once it releases, the body finds balance between left and right, front and back and you begin to stand more upright and sit more comfortably.

I have since used this stretch technique on many of my students too, and they are noticing flexibility they never thought possible. And the best thing is, it doesn’t take years of Yoga practice, it happens quickly, within a few weeks!"

We're excited to embark on this new collaboration to support your well-being, health, and fitness journey.

For more information on class prices and to reserve your spot, please don't hesitate to message or call me. I'd be delighted to discuss the details with you.

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