Morphett Vale

Hi. My name is Janey and I’m 66 years old.  I suffer from arthritis and had little strength.  I started with Wolf Fitness SA nine weeks ago with little physical activity experience.

With a change of diet, a regularly updated exercise program and seeing a personal trainer once a week, Wolf Fitness SA has helped me with my mobility (improved significantly).

I can hold a “wall sit” for over 2 minutes and a plank for a minute.  I am not taking any more pain killers.  My pain is tolerable and more manageable.  I am able to enjoy playing with my grandchildren and keeping up with them.  I also enjoy walking and I have now started skipping.  I have not skipped in over 45 years.




While I have been fortunate to have inherited ‘slim’ genes from my parents, I have never considered myself as being fit.  I would tire easily on a walk down the beach and would struggle lifting anything over 15kgs.

Working in an office for over 20 years, I have developed poor posture resulting in neck and shoulder pain and headaches.  Taking the initial step to engage Mark at Wolf Fitness SA was daunting to say the least.  I have been doing Pilates classes for a few years, but I was apprehensive about lifting weights in a gym.

The personal training has reduced my headaches and neck pain significantly.  The training program is specifically designed for me to target the weak areas and provide strength in my back and shoulders.  I have more flexibility and my cardiovascular has also improved. I have discovered that I can push myself out of bed in the mornings for my daily workout and start my work day with more energy and positivity.

Mark has provided me with excellent support, education and encouragement.  He is passionate in seeing people live a healthier and fitter lifestyle and he encourages me “feeling like one of the wolf pack”.


Peter (68 years)

Morphett Vale

I have been using Mark as a personal trainer for the past 8 weeks. He has organised a fitness program for me that ensures I have 4 days of self-training and 1 day per week with him as a Personal Trainer.

During this time, along with a healthier diet I have reduced my weight from 110kg to 100kg, and well on the way to my goal of 90-95kg.

With his teaching, I am now able to complete tasks previously beyond my capabilities and look forward to his one on one visits.

Before commencing this training, I had to take 6-8 pills a day for pain management.  Since commencing training, I have taken no pain management, I can now keep the pain under control.  I now like to take daily walks and play sport with my grandchildren.

This is something I should have done years ago, but this definitely shows me that age is no barrier.