Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions

Do you feel like you can’t afford “one-on-one” personal training sessions?

Would you like to go to multiple personal training sessions per week, but it’s not within your budget?

Are you still unsure about large group boot camps and want something affordable and more personalised?

Well, “semi-private” Personal Training Sessions could be the option for you.


Generally capped at 3 participants, these sessions offer the affordability of up to 50% off standard PT rates whilst you still receive personalised training and assistance .

These sessions will run even if there is only one person attending. This would be the equivalent of a 1 hour "one-on-one" personal training session!

Alternatively, gather your friends and family to make your own group of 3-4 (4 is the max).

Wolf Fitness SA will work to create a timeslot suitable for you and your close ones to get fit and healthy together.

Semi Private 2

The second type is the "boot-camp" style PT sessions which we are running over winter.

These are capped at 4 people per session and, although tailored to your abilities, do not come with the full benefit of a personalised fitness program you receive with our other options.


These will run up until September 3rd when we will go back to Thalassa Park Boot Camps on Saturday mornings. 

There are 3 Session times every Saturday morning

8:00 - 9:00am

9:30 - 10:30am

10:45 - 11:45am

Bookings are essential.

Please get in touch to check session time availabilities and for the full details on the rates for each session type.

Who knows… you may receive a “one-on-one” PT session for half price!!


Wolf Fitness SA are currently running 2 types of semi-private sessions.

The first, which will run consistently going forward, are the week day semi-private sessions. These are capped at 3 people per session and you will receive a personalised program to achieve your goals.

These are 50% off the standard single PT session prices.

Session times are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 6:00 - 7:00am

Bookings are essential.

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