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My Personal Journey

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A nice little ‘personal best’ today and a little quieter morning gave me time to reflect at how my life has changed over the past 10 years. From being an overweight, unhealthy person, to falling in love with my fitness and eventually becoming a personal trainer and running my own business. Socially, I’m more adaptable to change and swing with the punches despite the obstacles of battling with severe depression and anxiety. The friends and family that I embrace are ones that I’ll always be there for through thick and thin. While “goal setting” is a great way to inspire and measure success, it shouldn’t be the ultimate destination as goals are often reassessed and redefined. The destination is the path that you make and should be embraced with each obstacle and be treated as a challenge and an achievement of your life. I had a goal of having my business for a year (running full time) and then re-evaluate… not anymore, there’s no timeline, there’s no failures, there’s only success in knowing that it’s ok to follow your dreams. My goal is to ride this path for as long as possible and enjoy the journey.

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